Deformatory – Malediction (Review)

DeformatoryThis is the second album from Canadian Death Metallers Deformatory.

Deformatory’s début In the Wake of Pestilence has been one of my more-played releases from 2013. Combining a smart sound with lashings of Technical Death Metal goodness, it remains a very enjoyable listen that I return to quite regularly.

So here we are a couple of years later, and it’s time for their second release. Have they lived up to their own high standards? Let’s find out.

Blasting out with a strong, clear and professional sound, it’s clear that Deformatory have upped their game in the sonic department even more. They sound huge!

Musically they remain a savage Technical Death Metal beast, with a great combination of brutality and complexity being showcased on these tracks.

The songs showcase interesting riffs and ideas, as well as boasting leads and solos that hint at their darker core while slamming into you with such barbed force as to rip you apart.

The vocals seem more prominent this time, and if anything they’re deeper than ever too. I’m not a huge fan of albums that have their vocals too high in the mix, especially Death Metal ones. As always this is a very subjective thing, but this is my chief concern with a lot of Behemoth’s later work and the same is true of Malediction, albeit to a slightly lesser extent. As with Behemoth though, it doesn’t stop Deformatory being a great band; it’s just a personal preference thing, as I’d rather the vocals were maybe a shade lower in the mix.

Minor quibbles aside, Deformatory have produced another top quality album of Technical Death Metal. I do still prefer their début, but this is largely down to the fact that I know it a lot better. After a few spins Malediction is already climbing and closing the gap between the two, so given a few more months and I’m confident I’ll judge it in the same league as their first.

So, to sum up – if you like powerful Death Metal, here’s one you should definitely pick up.

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