Deformatory – Harbinger (Review)

Deformatory - HarbringerDeformatory are a Canadian death metal band and this is their latest EP.

Deformatory’s brand of brutality is one that I am well on board with, (make sure you check out In the Wake of Pestilence, Malediction, and Inversion of the Unseen Horizon). Harbinger delivers 16 minutes of the good stuff, ferociously demonstrating why Deformatory are an easy win for fans of brutal and technical death metal.

Deformatory attack with lethal precision and serrated claws. Their technical brutality is very moreish, and these new songs are easy to digest if you like a stomach full of spikes. Well-written and delivered with passionate expertise, Harbinger doesn’t mess around.

The songs are savagely energetic and imbued with the desire to kill. A storm of violent drumming, merciless riffs, and bloodthirsty growls erupt with barely any restraint, hunting and lashing out with a frenzied fury. The short release hurtles by in a tempest of bladed wrath and potent hostility.

The songwriting is fierce and unforgiving, with complexity and primordial power well-balanced. The music’s rage-filled aggression could easily become uncontrolled in less-skilled hands, but Deformatory know how to temper the maelstrom and channel it with murderous intent. Lightspeed riffs and sharp melodies are merely weapons in the band’s arsenal, deployed with gripping urgency and engaging intensity to destroy the opposition utterly.

Yep, Harbinger is another enjoyable and worthwhile addition to the Deformatory discography.

Very highly recommended.

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