Black Lord – Black Ritual Forest (Review)

Black LordThis is the début album from Black Lord, a Mexican Black Metal band.

After a rather pointless intro that goes on for far too long, we finally get to the meat of the matter as the first song erupts into life. Black Lord play underground, raw Black Metal that’s unfettered from any form of niceness.

The Blackened riffs have a Thrash influence on occasion. As well as using some dark melodies to enhance the songs, they have a loose, primitive style that nonetheless manages to gather the quintessential Black Metal darkness to it like a magnet.

The singer sounds like he’s howling into the abyss, almost independently of the music. Unhinged and maniacal, his performance is unforced and probably quite something to see in the flesh. Screams, growls, moans and chants emanate from the songs while the music charges forward with wild abandon and grim determination.

Black Ritual Forest is an expression of Blackened intent, with the band showing their passion for the style across 36 minutes.

Check them out.

Favourite Track: Spell of Darkness. Speed and rolling thunder propel the song forwards while the singer screams with spectral torment.

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