The Impala – Chapter One (Review)

The ImpalaThe Impala are a Russian Post-Rock band. This is their début EP.

The band play Post-Rock that’s reflective and expressive, seemingly mirroring the lives of the band members and wearing their collective experiences openly.

The music has that ephemeral, fragile quality that a lot of Post-Rock has. Seemingly transitory and full of sunshine or some unknown cosmic essence, these tracks sparkle and fade during their brief playing time.

Apart from a brief section of spoken word there are no vocals. Instead, the music is the complete and only focus.

The music builds to crescendos and has many peaks and valleys to get lost in. Driving leads and hopeful melodies abound and the band members all seem proficient in their instruments.

Samples and other electronic accompaniments are used throughout, but these are largely subtle affairs and not overly obvious. They essentially work behind the scenes to add little extras to the songs that may not always be instantly noticeable but would be to the music’s detriment if they were absent.

At only 18 minutes in length this is a short release, but one that captures the imagination.

Check them out.

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