Death Comes Pale – World Grave (Review)

Death Comes PaleDeath Comes Pale are from Denmark. This is their Death Metal début album.

This is Death Metal that carries melody well and has a good songwriting ethic.

The production is top notch and does the music justice. It’s both heavy and clear.

If you think Death Metal with a keen melodic edge and a Blackened feel in places – akin to The Black Dahlia Murder – then you’ll have the right idea of Death Comes Pale’s sound.

Deep vocals growl out from dark places and these are backed up with the screams of the damned.

The band take the time in their songs to explore their musical scenery and don’t always take the most direct route. Slower and more considered parts are included as well as lighter melodies amongst the carnage.

In fact, even though the band’s primary setting is heavy and loud, they do intersperse enough light and shade to their work; fragile melodies and more nuanced guitar work add to and enhance the overall brutality of the band. It’s interesting to hear a band like this creating a larger sound than normal and avoiding the pitfalls that would lead a lesser band into the trap of one-dimensionality.

Death Comes Pale have clearly taken their time composing these songs. They’re well-written, well-thought out tracks and good songwriting is obviously important to the band.

A really enjoyable and mature release of Death Metal. Recommended listening.

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