Rash Decision – Seaside Resort to Violence (Review)

Rash DecisionRash Decision are from the UK and play Crossover Thrash/Hardcore.

Fast songs with short tempers; Rash Decision play Hardcore mixed with Thrash in its Speed Metal guise.

I find this style of music can get really stale, really fast, but the nice thing about Rash Decision is they manage to avoid this pitfall.

How? A couple of reasons. The first is the sheer energy and enthusiasm that these songs have. They seem alive.

The second is that although the songs are short they’re still actually songs. The band know how to write a good tune and there are hooks and catchy moments spread throughout this album like bountiful gems.

The vocalist has a good voice with just the right amount of belligerence and charisma.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable release from a band that play with passion and know how to write a good Old-School Hardcore tune mixed with a bit of Speed Metal for good measure.

Check them out and play them loud.

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