Hideous Divinity – Cobra Verde (Review)

Hideous DivinityThis is the second album of Death Metal from Italian band Hideous Divinity.

Here we have a blistering Technical/Brutal Death Metal band that plays crushing music with furious abandon.

Mixing elements of Hate Eternal, Decapitated, Nile, Behemoth and Hour of Penance; Hideous Divinity have come to destroy.

Hideous Divinity have a powerful sound and seem more than comfortable with their playing skills. Importantly, the band never neglect the songs themselves; although they have a Technical side to their sound they know that a song is more than just playing in a complex way.

As such, these songs are structured well and use their playing time to good effect. Emotive riffs and studied brutality is the name of the game here, and the band do it expertly.

The band’s twisting, dark music is an exemplar of what intelligently crafted Death Metal can sound like in 2014. Songwriting skills, technicality, brutality and the occasional nod to subtlety – these are key elements in the Hideous Divinity sound and the band have really taken them to heart.

This is an album the band should be proud of, and one I’ll be spinning for a good while to come.

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