Dysphorian Breed – The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis (Review)

Dysphorian BreedDysphorian Breed is a one-man band from Sweden and this is his début album of Funeral Doom/Death.

This release is all about the atmosphere and the creation of bleak soundscapes full of funereal promise.

Deep, dark vocals erupt over Blackened Doom melodies that reek of crushing despair.

Keyboard highlights mournfully soar over the slow moving dirge as emotive guitars drag themselves through the mire of misery that’s evoked.

Double bass drumming adds a bit of spice and speed to events without losing the overall downbeat feeling.

The album flirts with Gothic moods and the slight Blackened tinge to the guitars gives the songs an edge over similar bands.

As début albums go this is an emotive and resonant expression of dark negativity and the power it can have to fuel the creative.

An enjoyable ride through the desolate.

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