Black Emerald – B.O.D (Review)

Black EmeraldBlack Emerald are from the UK and play gritty Metal with a Sludge edge.

The band have a Southern Metal/Sludge influence to their sound that adds some extra bite to proceedings. They also give us some solos, which is always welcome.

The sound is rough and raw but allows the spiky riffs to claw their way through. Rather than be held back by the primitive production the band make it work for them; they warp and distort it to their needs until it becomes little more than another sonic weapon in their arsenal.

The vocals are gruffly melodic with some harsher growls thrown into the mix now and again. They are assured and use interesting patterns and melodies. They are also confident enough as a unit to occasionally lay off the vocals for long enough to let the music do the talking and let the guitars lead the way.

There’s three songs here that act as a showcase for the band. Each song is a filthy juggernaut of underground Metal riffs and belligerent anger.

Blood Sport has a strong Sludge influence to the sound and is the audio equivalent of barbed wire.

The title track B.O.D features slightly higher vocals for some parts and has a bouncy, Southern feel to it that gives the track a Rocky edge, albeit one haunting the murkiness.

The final track Figure on a Barb Wire Cross is lumbering Rocker that crosses the previous two tracks to create a mutated rager.

Black Emerald have stumbled on a style that fuses Metal with an aspect of Sludge in such a way that it doesn’t sound done to death; it sounds quite fresh in fact. Hopefully this release will be the first of many, and I look forward to what comes next from this promising band.

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