Interview with Dead in the Manger

Dead in the Manger Logo

The mysterious collective that is Dead in the Manger have unleashed something special on the world with Transience. We tried to pierce the veil of secrecy…

Tell us a bit about Dead in the Manger

DITM is a collaboration of people who aim to create a feeling of unease, aggression and sadness through various elements of sound.

I understand you anonymity is important to you as individuals – discuss

Who we are or anything else we are associated with is not important. We just want the music to speak for itself.

Dead in the Manger 1What are your influences?

Sadness, depression, suicide.

You have an unusual juxtaposition of Funeral/Depressive Black Metal and Blackened Grindcore – how intentional was this or was it more of a natural occurrence?

We are just writing what comes natural. We want to portray how we actually feel, in an aggressive manner.

We didn’t intend on necessarily fitting in with any particular genre.

Will you continue to develop your songs in this style in the future or do foresee something different for Dead in the Manger?

I don’t believe it would truly be DITM without these elements. We are writing these songs out of pure negative emotion, so without that, there would be no DITM.

Where do Dead in the Manger go from here?

It’s hard to say what the future holds, but as long as the negative creativity is there, we will continue writing music.

There *might* be even the possibility of some select live shows if the offer and setting is right, but I can’t make any guarantees.

Dead in the Manger 2

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