Thy Worshiper – Czarna Dzika Czerwień (Review)

Thy WorshiperThy Worshiper are from Poland/Ireland and play Black Metal with a very tribal/folk feeling and influence.

There is a very ritualistic feeling to these songs, added to considerably by tribal drums, female vocals, driving percussion, unorthodox instruments, etc. All of these enhance the flavour of the album and contribute to a 46 minute listen that explores a very rhythmic, pounding Black Metal. A modern version of a folk tale nightmare; the feelings and images described by Czarna Dzika Czerwień are astounding.

The folk influences are poured neatly into the Black Metal mould and solidify seamlessly to create a work of art that simply demands to be heard.

For me personally a lot of “Folk Metal” just sounds weak, wishy-washy, and more-often-than-not simply heralds a band unsure of their direction or of what to do with their Folk influences. None of these criticisms can be levelled at Thy Worshiper. The combination of Folk and Black Metal they create is handled with expert ease and every track sounds alive with history and tradition.

It can be a cliché to describe something as a “hidden gem” but the term definitely fits Thy Worshiper. This is a very strong album that deserves a much wider audience than it’s probably going to get.

An absolute pleasure to listen to and one of my favourite finds.

10 thoughts on “Thy Worshiper – Czarna Dzika Czerwień (Review)”

  1. Did not know they released new album. Thanks for uncovering that gem.
    The sound and production is simply overwhelming…

    Speaking of old Polish underground bands, I don’t know if you had a chance to taste new Lux Occulta:
    Intriguing at least.

  2. Indeed. Expect the unexpected 😉 It does not look like they are in “the business” back again though. At least this is what they claim.

    I was never a fan of Lux Occulta, but I respect their vision, talent and musicianship.

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