Lvcifyre – Svn Eater (Review)

LvcifyreThese UK Black Metallers are releasing their second album and I have been quite looking forward to listening to this. I have not been disappointed.

Things start out unexpectedly creepy and slow. Blackened vocals scrape out of the speakers while the music crawls along at a menacing and disturbing pace. Only about halfway through the first song Night Seas Sorcery do proceedings pick up the pace and the vocals become even darker with the music matching this to precision.

For the most part the rest of the album is less Doom-influenced, but Lvcifyre consistently demonstrate a grasp of mood and atmosphere, be this when they drag themselves slowly through the mire or when they propel themselves towards you all fangs and razors.

Vocals are of both the Black and Death Metal varieties, with each style being mastered and used to better emphasise the chaos and confusion the band wish to sow. In fact although I would say this is predominantly a Black Metal album there is a healthy dose of Death Metal going on as well.

Brutal, passionate, otherworldly and hellish – join the Blackened Death Metal elite.

6 thoughts on “Lvcifyre – Svn Eater (Review)”

  1. Have you listened to the entire album yet? How does it sound like comparing to “Svn Eater”? Same mood and atmosphere?

    1. Pretty much yes – same kind of feeling for most of the album, with the first track being the most different due to the large Doom part for the first half. But yeah, it’s a good example of the feeling of the whole album really. Great stuff.

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