Torch Runner – Endless Nothing (Review)

Torch RunnerThis is the second album from US Grinders Torch Runner.

Their début album Committed to the Ground was a very enjoyable release containing some extremely harsh and abrasive Grindcore. I’m very pleased to say that on Endless Nothing the band have kept up the intensity levels and this new release is just as acerbic as the first.

They show off once again that they may be committed to extremity but it’s not all about the blast, (although there’s still plenty of that). They know how to use dynamics and slow proceedings down when necessary to create heavier atmospheres before ramping up the intensity once more and going in for the kill.

The guitars seem to have a bit of a Swedish Death Metal tone going on, which is interesting to hear when combined with the infections high-energy riffs. The songs explode out of the speakers and alternate between sheer scything hate-filled blasts and bouncier groove-laden sections that threaten to level the house.

With this kind of ultra-violent Grind there’s nothing to not like really. It’s as if Napalm Death released a short covers album of all of the most extreme Converge songs whilst playing with a Swedish Death Metal sound and dragging the At The Gates singer in to do some high-pitched screaming.

You know Converge’s cover of Wolverine Blues? Like that, only Grindcore.

In other words, this is a great release and should you be privileged enough to hear it you’ll be instantly hooked.

Torch Runner – Committed to the Ground (Review)

Torch RunnerTorch Runner are from the US and play Grindcore.

Well, well, well, if this isn’t some of the angriest, most abrasive Grind I’ve heard in a while. The relatively serene album art doesn’t really prepare you for the face-melting assault that lies within. It’s an impressively savage assault that’s clearly taking no prisoners.

The ferocity is allowed to reign freely and only tempered by the occasional more methodical passage where the savagery gives way to a more focussed and merciless heaviness that is no less murderous than the free-form viciousness that makes up the body of their work. Canon Cast is a good example of this as here the guitars slow down and are on a constant killing pace setting whilst the vocals spew hatred and the drums are doing all kinds of crazy stuff.

No, this isn’t pure speed, as that would be too easy; as fully paid up and qualified Grindsters they are well aware of the need for dynamics and variety in their songwriting and these tracks fulfil these requirements perfectly.

Even on the slower parts though the band never relinquishes the harsh nature of their being. No matter how fast or how seemingly uncontrolled they become they’re always focussed on the aggression; no matter how slow or how refined they play they’re always focussed on making the song nastier and heavier – there’s no Post-Grind here, just unrelenting musical destruction.

If you want my advice, and I know you do, go and get this now. Play it loud and become one with the frenzy.