Torch Runner – Committed to the Ground (Review)

Torch RunnerTorch Runner are from the US and play Grindcore.

Well, well, well, if this isn’t some of the angriest, most abrasive Grind I’ve heard in a while. The relatively serene album art doesn’t really prepare you for the face-melting assault that lies within. It’s an impressively savage assault that’s clearly taking no prisoners.

The ferocity is allowed to reign freely and only tempered by the occasional more methodical passage where the savagery gives way to a more focussed and merciless heaviness that is no less murderous than the free-form viciousness that makes up the body of their work. Canon Cast is a good example of this as here the guitars slow down and are on a constant killing pace setting whilst the vocals spew hatred and the drums are doing all kinds of crazy stuff.

No, this isn’t pure speed, as that would be too easy; as fully paid up and qualified Grindsters they are well aware of the need for dynamics and variety in their songwriting and these tracks fulfil these requirements perfectly.

Even on the slower parts though the band never relinquishes the harsh nature of their being. No matter how fast or how seemingly uncontrolled they become they’re always focussed on the aggression; no matter how slow or how refined they play they’re always focussed on making the song nastier and heavier – there’s no Post-Grind here, just unrelenting musical destruction.

If you want my advice, and I know you do, go and get this now. Play it loud and become one with the frenzy.

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