Promethean – Aloades (Review)

PrometheanPromethean are a French symphonic blackened death metal band and this is their debut EP.

The cover of this alone was enough to pique my interest. You know what they say; come for the cover, stay for the music, right? Continue reading “Promethean – Aloades (Review)”

Tine – The Forest Dreams of Black (Review)

TineThis is the début album from US Symphonic Blackened Death Metallers Tine.

Blackened Death Metal is a funny beast. Frequently just a Death Metal band with some added Blackened spite, you also occasionally get a Black Metal band with some added Deathly brutality too. Very occasionally, however, you get bands that actually combine both styles in a convincing, equal way.

Tine are one such band. Combining the darkness and atmosphere of Old-School Black Metal with Death Metal’s feral core, The Forest Dreams of Black is a feast of spectrally enhanced Metal that takes elements of bands such as early Emperor and Behemoth to create 53 minutes of emotive Blackened Metal.

The Symphonic elements are nicely understated, making sure that they don’t overpower the rest of the music. They add and enhance, rather than overtake or smother. One of my all-time favourite Atmospheric Black/Death Metal albums is Depresy’s Sighting, so it’s a big compliment that The Forest Dreams of Black puts me in mind of this.

The music is clearly a passionate and personal affair for its creators, and this shines through in the music with a dark, poisonous light.

I have really enjoyed this release. There’s real feeling and atmosphere here, with an underlying emotional intensity that’s hard to ignore. The two different genres both come out in the songs in different ways and the commanding vocals are full of presence, bringing everything together to a charismatic focal point. A satisfying sound that isn’t too polished rounds off the impressive package and I am left with fond memories of a walk through a dark and dangerous forest, one that I’m happy to revisit again and again.

Highly recommended.

Sidious – Revealed in Profane Splendour (Review)

SidiousSidious are from the UK and play Symphonic Blackened Death Metal. This is their début album.

Sidious have a gargantuan sound that recalls Dimmu Borgir at their aggressive best filtered through the purifying lens of Death Metal’s barbaric heart. If you blend together Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth the resulting ooze will no doubt coalesce into something that wouldn’t be a million miles away from Sidious.

Thick riffs are thrown around with abandon and spiralling drums pound out ritual beats to a backdrop of epic symphonic terror and dark magisterial horror.

This is music for a grim apocalypse that isn’t slow, isn’t pretty and that no-one will survive.

The keyboards and effects are used effectively to highlight the aura of brutal terror that the band create. In a true merging of styles Sidious have the trappings of Symphonic Black Metal wrapped around the molten core of carnage-seeking Death Metal.

Revealed in Profane Splendour is a collection of powerful songs that draw on the rich heritage of both major contributing styles to produce an album that’s a real dark delight to listen to. It’s forthright and confident whilst having a depth about it that flows from well-structured songs and well-composed threatening atmospheres.

It rumbles, it bellows, it curses, it destroys.

Listen loud.