Nidra – Coma (Review)

NidraRussian band Nidra play Depressive/Funeral Doom with a Blackened atmosphere thrown in for good measure.

Bleak, doleful melodies softly cover this album like a deathly blanket. Solemn musicality frames every note and the threat of melancholy is never far away.

Nidra conjure up this atmosphere through the standard Metal instruments as well as keyboards, effects and pianos. The overall effect is quite satisfying as this genre goes and Nidra peddle their woe well.

The vocals have good variety, alternating between growls and cleaner singing, all in keeping and time with the mid-paced sombre funeral marching of the songs.

As a bonus there is also a rather excellent Blut Aus Nord cover on the end of the album.

A good release that allows you to wallow in the darkness without being swallowed by it. It may paint a bleak portrait but it’s one worth looking at.