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Lectern’s second album Precept of Delator is a very satisfying listen. Containing the kind of classic death metal that reaffirms why you love the genre, it’s 37 minutes of warm, fleshy death metal that hits the spot quite nicely.

Long-serving bassist/vocalist Fabio Bava and drummer Marco Valentine talk of things truly metal…

Introduce us to Lectern

Fabio: This is a death metal band, out with Precept of Delator as our last record on the market, so far. You read of us here, as we are promoting this release of nine songs through some videoclips too, at its finest. We really believe in this new opus, take a listen on the web to understand who are we. Lectern is now a four piece again, with the joining of Gabriele Cruz on the other guitar, last August of this year. We, the Word of Satan! Join us into the abyss!

What are your influences?

Fabio: For myself, I like too much Iron Maiden as I cannot stay one day only, without listening at them! As a band, death metal from United States, especially Florida and New York style. Immolation, Deicide, Autopsy, Suffocation and Mortal Skuld are our mentors. Lyrics are Satanic and even if we don’t care of being original at any cost, our style is eradicated into the old school. So, if you are looking into some modernistic way of being a metal band, you have to approach to other sides and not here to find that. Riffs and words must be ghastly, to recreate the right vibe that, maybe, many death metal records of today, cannot spew out as it was meant to be more than twenty years ago, when death metal was originated and given to the masses in a very straight and brand new level.

Marco: Jordan Mancino, Tony Laureano, Jason Bittner, Pete Sandoval and Vinnie Paul.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Fabio: It’s very hard to me, to find out great albums in this period. In part the new Testament, last Meshuggah, but avoid things like Metallica, new shit combined with rock and one thrash metal riff! A band that rejected the ideas of videoclips, that now declares that they will shoot a clip for every new song! Poignant! Better stay shortcut!

Marco: Havok of Time Is Up, Gloryhammer with Tales From The Kingdom of Fife, Testament of Brotherhood Of The Snake, Unbreakable Hatred of Ruins, Ade of Carthago Delenda Est.

Tell us about your latest release

Fabio: We recorded at The Outer Sound Studios produced by Giuseppe Orlando, we wrote and arranged the album in 2015 and tracked this year. I think we improved ourselves as musicians and composers, arrangements are ripe, the sound has never been better than on this recording! Also thanks to Via Nocturna for their awesome job, under the aspect of promotion. Now it’s time to destroy cities and stages!

Marco: Precept of Delator is a very different work from Fratricidal Concelebration. It’s more mature and detailed. We tried to focus more on the atmosphere this time, without forgetting the technique. It’s darker, evil and direct.

What are some of the lyrical themes on Precept of Delator?

Fabio: Satan under the perspective of absolute owner of our dimension and of this world. The place where we live in, is entangled by evil. Politics, society, Church and behaviours are following the rules of the Devil. I write about that, but not under the sphere of men, but in the view of hellish lords and the torments they give to humans. Religion is the emanation of beings, something they cannot control, as ridiculous entities, they believe God hears them and their foolish prayers. The truth is elsewhere and away from here. When you read an article of a priest abusing of children, how can you believe in this kind of establishment?

How were the songs written?

Fabio: Our guitarist Pietro brought his ideas and complete tracks that we arranged. As he remained the only composer and riffmaker, we passed as being a quartet into a trio. We didn’t find anyone on the role of second guitarist, we looked to each other, and decided to try playing as three, even in studio than on stage, until the right person would have arrived. It worked for a while, songs took form, and here we are again and in four!

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

Fabio: Palpation of Sacramentarian for its aggressive impact, and also for the lyrics!

Marco: Discorporation with Feral for sure. Fast and pleasant to play. I love the Slayer sound we gave it.

Fabio: Giuseppe Orlando our producer, found the song Marco is speaking about, more Bolt Thrower than Slayer instead!

How do you think your music will progress in the future?

Fabio: Music future is online, there is no doubt! We are going into a sort of Blade Runner world. We will pay for a service which, switching your television and computer on, will choose new bands and tracks to listen, as the new records are issued. I hope, we won’t lose the physical supports, as a collector, I find this solution a suicide for the entire movement as for my shelves! As music is the only art you can listen in the air, for example when you are in a row for the trafficlight in your car or from an open window! Painting or sculpture, need the physical and visual sides of exhibitions. Also the skill, is another interesting point. Young musicians today, are very talented. If I look at Lectern I see Pietro that is not even twenty years old yet and Marco on the drums and Gabriele too, for how they are a sort of monsters! These players, still in a very early age, are often called by great bands and artists. The approach at the instrument is changed: you can learn playing still by your own, as many did. Let’s think about Eddie Van Halen or many others. You can also follow online lessons, or the standard method, playing under the notes of a record, or with your teacher. Technique has increased, musicians have enhanced their qualities, and we can expect only new waves of talent in the near future! Generations have changed, education and culture are different: it depends about the education you had or simply, where you come from. Might, someone could be shy in his way of life but a reckless when he plays! That’s what makes band and records sounding great not by humans but made by those who I call human tanks!

Marco: The instrumental approach will increase for sure, but I guess themes will be always the same. Because that is our message.

How did you choose the cover artwork?

Fabio: I had some suggestions in my mind then, I gave those to Adi Dechristianize. He made that, also in his way. I think the concept of Delator is very complicated to be translated into an image for a cover art, the divine theft.


How important is good album art to you?

Fabio: It’s the first thing that comes to my eyes! If you have a black coloured artwork and a white spot in the middle, who cares for your album? It is not impressive! But, maybe, the songs could be great! I prefer taking care of all details as layouts and things like that! Photographs, fonts, symbols and whatever, you know, we are a sort of sight slaves! Would you go with an ugly girl? Nope! It’s the same with an awful cover! It doesn’t convince you to buy that record!

Marco: A good album, needs to be stunning since the very first look. A great front cover is what will influence the fan at first sight.

With music becoming increasingly digital in nature, what’s your take on the digital and physical debate and the current state of the music industry?

Fabio: It is entertainment, first! Remember, people wanna be entertained as well, comfortably. If you don’t want up your ass to listen to our record and wanna play mode on from your winamp, it’s okay for me! But someones, might prefer a support they can touch as well! It’s a coin with two sides, you choose which is more appropriated to you. I choose going to stores, look up and order and having the albums I want in my hands, going back home and listen to them at exaggerated loud volume. I am not against digital spreading of the music of nowadays, which became a need! The individuals want things, now, without any waste of time! With a click you are in Australia, Morocco or Uruguay! But if you bother instead of kicking ass, who would listen and remember of your band?

Playing live. Essential or pointless?

Fabio: It’s the main thing as going in studio! You can’t split one from the other! I mean, when you are in the recording room, you are alone, with the instrument in your hands, a computer and the sound engineer. When you are on stage, there is no trick: you are at service of your band, you are one in four!

Marco: Absolutely essential. Music travels through CDs or the net, but the musician is the one who delivers the real sensations on stage!

What are the next steps for Lectern?

Fabio: To play live as bad motherfuckers!

Marco: I’m actually finishing the editing of our new music video, as I did for the title track. Wait for the month of December for the next one!

Any final words?

Fabio: Listen to Precept of Delator! Search for Lectern online or anywhere, even for curiosity! Be the one who will rid this place from Christ! With us or against us!

Marco: Don’t forget to support your local underground scene! The rookies of today are the legends of tomorrow.

Fabio Bava: vocals, bass
Pietro Sabato: guitar
Gabriele Cruz: guitar
Marco Valentine: drums

Bisbetical (1999)
Salvific of Perhaps Lambent (2010)
Lectern (2013)
Fratricidal Concelebration (2015)
Precept of Delator (2016)


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