Impactor – Arise In Decay (Review)

ImpactorImpactor are a German Thrash Metal band who have taken it upon themselves to safeguard the Germanic Thrash Metal legacy.

This is Old-School thrash in the Kreator vein, with a fine dollop of extra extremity added into the proceedings for good measure.

The songs rip, shred and pound their way through the 51 minute playing time and not a single person is left unbattered, unbruised or undazed by the Thrash attack.

Choruses and hooks abound and the last couple of decades are completely forgotten as your head involuntarily bangs itself against the nearest wall over and over again.

The vocals sound like a hysterically deranged Mille Petrozza and they rage over the spike-laden guitars with fury.

Enjoyable and angry – check out Impactor.