Gloam/Obscure Evil – Split (Review)

Gloam Obscure EvilGloam and Obscure Evil are both black metal bands. The former are from the US and the latter are from Peru.

I was first introduced to Gloam on 2017’s Death Is the Beginning, which ably showcased their doom-infected brand of grimly majestic black metal. Continue reading “Gloam/Obscure Evil – Split (Review)”

Gloam – Death Is the Beginning (Review)

GloamGloam are a US black metal band and this is their latest EP.

This is black metal that’s played with grim grandeur and some touches of doom. This is dark and majestic music, using melody well to create atmosphere and evoke images of harsh vistas and gloomy landscapes. Continue reading “Gloam – Death Is the Beginning (Review)”