Twilight Force – Dawn of the Dragonstar (Review)

Twilight Force - Dawn of the DragonstarTwilight Force are a power metal band from Sweden and this is their third album.

This is epic, symphonic power metal, the type that makes no apologies for its extravagance and sumptuous presence. These Euro-metal hymns are enhanced with all manner of additional instruments and symphonic keyboards. It’s the kind of music that embraces all of the clichés about this sort of thing, and does so willingly and with passion.

Yes, if you’ve ever heard any fantasy-concept over-the-top power metal hymns from any similar bands in the past, then you know what to expect here. What’s important though is that Twilight Force take all of the standard symphonic power metal components and use them to forge songs that are full of hooks and joyously epic metal. I mean, who can argue with an album that’s as well pieced together as this? Rich, excessive keyboards, screaming solos, uplifting melodies, soaring vocals…Dawn of the Dragonstar has the whole power metal package. It’s fun, and it’s very enjoyable. It’s also genuinely stirring in places.

The songs are effortlessly bright and memorable, and only the meanest of meanies could complain about these upbeat, epic tales of dragons and adventure. Sadly, Dawn of the Dragonstar will doubtlessly not convert any who are hopelessly inured to good classic metal songs dressed up to the nines in the finest of symphonic grandeur, but for those that like to put on their adventurer gear and travel to fantastical lands, Dawn of the Dragonstar is worth exploring.

Highly recommended.

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