Faithxtractor – Contempt for a Failed Dimension (Review)

Faithxtractor - Contempt for a Failed DimensionFaithxtractor are a death metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

With a duration of just 25 minutes, (29 including the Sepultura cover), Contempt for a Failed Dimension is a lean, mean slab of quality death metal.

The music is dark, brutal, and uncompromising. Faithxtractor’s merciless approach to death metal is one of savage riffs, punishing drums, absolutely monstrous growls, and screaming solos and leads. It is a classic list of ingredients, but the band use them like gruesome artisanal chefs.

A thrash influence can be heard, but other than that this is an act of worship to the ancient gods of death metal. Well-written and clearly crafted by people that know their way around the style, this is an album that hits the spot with jackhammer force. Macabre melodies and dark atmospheric creations are both part of Faithxtractor’s sound, but they are mainly concerned with trampling the weak and destroying the opposition with their death metal fury.

Boasting many a good riff and a crunchy, meaty production, Contempt for a Failed World offers a very satisfying listen. I especially like the singer’s voice, as his growls are just so deep and aggressive.

Contempt for a Failed Dimension is simply a very enjoyable listen. If you’re a fan of death metal that’s brutal and well-delivered, then what’s not to like here? HAIL THE METAL OF DEATH!

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