Sacrilegion – From Which Nightmares Crawl (Review)

Sacrilegion - From Which Nightmares CrawlSacrilegion are a death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

From Which Nightmares Crawl contains 44 minutes of potent death metal that’s sure to make some underground waves. Combining brutal heaviness with an expressive melodic prowess, Sacrilegion’s death metal is both satisfying and rewarding.

You can hear the classic old-school sound alive and well in Sacrilegion’s crunchy music. There are some modern touches too here and there, but mostly From Which Nightmares Crawl belongs firmly to the past. The band’s technical skill is apparent, and caveman-core this is not; Sacrilegion know how to play their instruments, and even more importantly, how to use their talents in the service of songs that have impact.

The well-written songs are moreish and infectious. Meaty, muscular riffs and an engaging sense of dark melody give rise to an atmospheric immersion that’s more complete than what your usual death metal act is capable of offering. While Sacrilegion craft grim macabre atmosphere very well, the songs also boast an enviable amount of disciplined brutality; the band precisely apply their aggressive art, and build songs that rage and tear alongside their melodic and atmospheric proclivities.

An album awash with riffs and hooks, From Where Nightmares Crawl is an accomplished and enjoyable slab of old-school melodic death metal. Wielding both brutality and atmosphere well, Sacrilegion’s music has impressed with its gloomy energy and impassioned bite.

Very highly recommended.


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