Hoaxed – Two Shadows (Review)

Hoaxed - Two ShadowsThis is the debut album from US rock band Hoaxed.

Two Shadows offers the discerning listener 28 minutes of characterful dark rock. Comprised of a few different influences from a range of styles, Hoaxed are charismatic and idiosyncratic. Elements of Gothic, melodic, alternative, and folk rock are mixed together with clear songwriting talent to produce a dark collection of catchy songs that stick in the mind.

This is music underpinned by strong emotive foundations. Driven by expressive melody and powered by song-focused delivery, the tracks are luscious and rich. Composed of simple ingredients that when put together by skilled hands result in something greater than the sum of its parts, Two Shadows impresses with its ability captive the listener so readily.

The drums offer a multifaceted percussive experience that’s a real joy to listen to, while the sumptuous vocals layer the music with rich colourful emotion. The guitar is high-impact, while remaining remarkably low-key. Synths are used to add further layers of emotive depth, being used sparingly, but to good effect.

The songs are short, yet effective. Packed with content and emotive power, Two Shadows is ludicrously infectious and definitely punches above its weight. The more you experience it, the more it worms its tendrils into your brain, never to leave.

Hoaxed have produced a bewitching and enchanting record that will have you returning to it over and over again when you least expect it for another fix of its delicate-yet-potent charms. Don’t miss out on Two Shadows; it might unexpectedly be exactly what you need.

Very highly recommended.

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