Omegavortex/Pious Levus – Split (Review)

Omegavortex Pious Levus - SplitOmegavortex and Pious Levus are both black/death metal bands. The former are from Germany and the latter are from the US, (and also contain members of Hod).

Omegavortex start the split off with 6 tracks spread across 24 minutes.

Omegavortex offer an unhinged maelstrom of extremity for the listener to get sucked into. The music is an utterly violent and deranged form of scathing black/death metal monster, with a definite war metal feel.

These six songs are a whirlwind of shocking blackened intensity and ugly, primitive death metal. Raw, fast, and nasty, the songs are nonetheless well-written and have a lot of good riffs. I especially like the screaming solos, inhuman drumming, and relentless shrieks of the singer. Omegavortex know how to structure and deliver this sort of foul, underground music, and this release showcases their infernal talents in no uncertain terms.

Of course, it’s hard to properly pay attention to any of that when the band are repeatedly smashing your skull into dust, but if you survive the exposure to Omegavortex’s terrifying savagery, then there’s a lot to appreciate beneath the cruel brutality.


Pious Levus’ side of the split is 21 minutes long and contains 5 tracks.

Thoroughly old-school in flavour, these songs are steeped in death metal barbarity, blackened hatred, and just enough thrash to add extra bite to the attack. Chaotic aggression and evil intensity reign supreme here, while the band go through the brutal motions of demolishing your body. Many of the riffs seems to swirl with void-like darkness.

This sounds like something dredged from the 80s/90s underground. A sort of ferocious cross between ancient Morbid Angel and Mayhem, at least very roughly. It has undeniable character, and although I can’t help but prefer Omegavortex’s sheer raw insanity, Pious Levus are more than worthy of your attentions too.

For a furious split of black/death metal carnage, look no further than this.

Very highly recommended.

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