Standard Interrogation Techniques: Five Questions for Inhuman Depravity (Interview)

Although I’d ideally love to be able to conduct hard-hitting, in-depth interviews, who has the time these days? In lieu of this, I’ve thrown together the below question template, hopefully to gather some interesting and informative results, without taking up too much of anyone’s time.

Introduce yourself – who are you and what do you do?

Hello there! I’m Murat, in charge of guitars for our brutal death metal band Inhuman Depravity hailing from Istanbul, Turkey.

Tell us about your latest release and why people should listen to your music

Our latest release The Experimendead is the band’s second full-length consisting in 8 tracks taking the inhuman nature of mankind through real life deadly experiments as a concept. Musically it’s on a balance between brutal and old-school elements processed with technical riffage. This composition of the songs is presented with a catchy sound so we think the album promises to feed the listener with the true spirit of the genre.

What’s the most important thing to you about your music? What meaning does it give you and what purpose does it serve in your life?

To me our music is the instrument to get away from the routine of daily life and expose how I differ from that routine by composing and playing it. It’s also a way to communicate with the ones who are like me in the whole world, who prefer to get it with severe sound.

Tell us a lesser-known interesting or funny anecdote about your band or music

We have lots of interesting memories, it especially happens when you are a band with members from three different cities far from each other, like us. As we can’t do many rehearsals because of this situation, we have to rehearse in many weird places just before the shows or members could join the show lineup in last minute or so. But I think the most interesting one was the story of how we couldn’t show up at our very first appearance! It was the show at Coyote Brutal Fest in Russia and the things changed for us when a crisis occurred between Russia and Turkey one month before the fest. We already had bought the flight tickets and despite the warnings for us not to go in crisis period, we headed for Russia as we were idealist metalheads haha. At the Russian customs when they understood that we are a band, they started interrogating us with cross check questions for hours and they let in our female member Lucy Ferra and Ata Berk who had green passport from customs and deported Eren and me after holding us in a small room for 20 hours! That was horrible but the funny part with it was the time I had to explain why I was friends with someone (our bass player Ata Berk at the time) who is 11 years younger than me, during the interrogation haha.

Finally, what are you listening to at the moment that you especially enjoy and wish more people knew about?

Nowadays I got seriously into death metal band Consumption’s new album Necrotic Lust, which isin  vein of the older period of Carcass. Also I can recommend death metalheads a relatively underrated Swedish band, Insision. I listen them so often and they are one of my all time favourites!

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