Gone Cosmic – Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling (Review)

Gone Cosmic - Send for a Warning, the Future’s CallingGone Cosmic are a rock band from Canada and this is their second album.

Gone Cosmic play retro blues-laced psychedelic rock with a progressive edge, and touches of heavy metal. Which is a relatively simplistic description for such a potent record.

The songs on Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling are well-written and charismatic. The music is constructed from a variety of quality ingredients that come together extremely well into a collection of characterful tunes. All of the instruments are played with a level of expressive depth that’s impressive and rare. This is a band that are clearly talented and clearly know what they’re doing.

The songs effortlessly combine immersive and anthemic qualities. Flashy ostentation is not the order of business here; Gone Cosmic rely on strong songwriting and performances to carry the day, and these they have an excess of.

Intricate guitars and groovy rhythms frequently impress, especially with some of the more atypical or inventive riffs. There’s a technicality here that’s uncommon in this sort of music. The drums and bass power the songs forward and sound so in tune with each other that they could almost be one strange, multifaceted instrument. This underpinning rhythm section is hypnotic, to the point where you almost don’t notice what they’re really doing as they quickly make themselves a part of your brain. This powerful backing foundation allows the expressive guitars and striking vocals to steal the show, but without the bass and drums driving everything forward, they would undoubtedly lose their way. Of the vocals, these are heartfelt and emotive, while still having power and presence. The singer’s voice is richly delivered, and her performance is compelling.

Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling is a 39-minute album that offers an exemplar of down-to-earth songwriting, while simultaneously delivering an exploration of the celestial heights that’s intoxicating.

If you’re a fan of honest, raw, authentic, emotionally-charged rock music, then this is for you.

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