Northmoon – Shadowlord – My Soft Vision in Blood (Review)

Shadowlord - My Soft Vision in BloodThis is the debut album by Austrian black metal band Northmoon.

Dedicated to the 90s era, Shadowlord – My Soft Vision in Blood contains 41 minutes of frosted old-school black metal.

Everything about this album has been crafted to be authentically old-school, taking influence from the Austrian black metal scene and reproducing the sound and feel of the 90s across eight tracks.

The music’s freezing atmospheres and icy aggression are convincing from the very start of the record. Blackened melodies bite from the darkness of the rest of the music, as the singer screams his throat raw, (there’s also some brief clean singing). The guitars have that classic brittle tone to them, and the entire record is delivered with a clear love of the style.

The songs are well-constructed and paced, with frozen mood and grim feeling being more important than brutality or harsh aggression for the sake of it. A range of speeds and textures are explored, and the album easily holds the listener’s attention throughout its running time. The band’s songwriting is considered and passionate; Northmoon not only know the source material well, but can use their influences to create something of worth from them.

Northmoon have created songs that might be hymns to the past, but that doesn’t stop them from being enjoyable in the present.  If you yearn for a stripped-back atavistic approach to second wave black metal, then look no further than this.

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