Denouncement Pyre – Forever Burning (Review)

Denouncement Pyre - Forever BurningDenouncement Pyre are an Australian black metal band and this is their fourth album.

Forever Burning is a 42-minute collection of black metal songs that is fast, aggressive, and ripe with evil intent.

Upbeat and energetic, the band’s furious assault is propelled forward by blackened guitars and fiery riffs.  Death and thrash metal elements can be heard in Denouncement Pyre’s sound, subsumed into their blackened framework with fanatical glee. Much of the band’s aggression has a primeval first/second wave feel to it, but then on occasion they can break into a sort of epic grandeur that’s striking.

When dark melodies are used these are either embedded deeply in the rest of the guitars, or alternatively they pulse brightly out of the rest of the music to lash out on their own. The latter is also the case with the solos, which are particularly striking.

Forever Burning is a solid and enjoyable album of black/death/thrash metal mayhem. If you have a taste for this sort of carnage then make sure you check this out.

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