An Evening Redness – An Evening Redness (Review)

An Evening Redness - An Evening RednessThis is the debut album from An Evening Redness, a drone/doom band.

An Evening Redness gives us a 55-minute journey into doom, dark ambient, and drone, one that uses worldbuilding to effectively craft entire vistas of bleak, sparse environments.

To think in terms of Earth-esque drone is a good starting point for An Evening Redness’ style, although the band certainly have more to offer than simply that. Americana influences mix with ones that wouldn’t be put of place on a Jesu record. The music operates in largely introspective, ambient drone waters, punctuated occasionally by experimental flourishes or other creative eruptions.

The album has a highly atmospheric and immersive cinematic scope. The songs are textured tapestries, providing the listener with an experience that’s slow-burning, but long-lasting. Each one has its own character, its own landscape amidst the greater world that it exists in, and each one brings something different to the journey. When vocals are used they are luscious and rich. The singer has an impressive voice, and her performance is faultless.

Rushing through an album like this, or simply having it on in the background, does not do it justice. Taking the time to really sit with it, however, and absorb its dark and isolated atmosphere, really allows you to become fully immersed in its desolate embrace.

An Evening Redness is an idiosyncratic work of compelling dark beauty. Fans of drone doom should make sure they pay attention to this.

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