The Final Sleep – Vessels of Grief (Review)

The Final Sleep - Vessels of GriefThis is the debut album from The Final Sleep, a progressive metal band from the US.

Vessels of Grief has an interesting and engaging sound that works well for the band. Mixing a range of influences together into six songs that have a strong old-school feel to them, The Final Sleep still manage to avoid sounding dated or tired, despite this.

Bands such as Opeth, Edge of Sanity, Control Denied, Amorphis, and Mercyful Fate/King Diamond are mentioned as influences, and these are appropriate without being defining or limiting. I can hear parts of so many different bands in The Final Sleep’s sound, all without detracting from Vessels of Grief‘s own identity.

Taking elements of melodic death metal, progressive metal, and traditional heavy metal, the band forge these into enjoyable songs that are well-written and hit the spot. The use of three guitarists allows for a compelling depth of melody, atmosphere, and complexity, while classic songwriting focuses the band’s efforts into songs with hooks to spare. The duelling guitars, formidable harmonies, infectious choruses, and multitude of quality metallic parts make for a quite delicious feast.

The band have played their cards well; this album sounds like a long lost friend from the 90s. Instantly familiar and comforting, yet also different enough that it is definitely worth taking the time to listen to and get to know, Vessels of Grief walks a fine line between old and new that serves it very well.

The Final Sleep have surprised me with Vessels of Grief. I was attracted by the striking artwork, but stayed for the high quality music. This is a damn good metal album with great songs, and I heartily recommend these 40 minutes to you.

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