Flowers of Flesh – Flowers of Flesh (Review)

Flowers of Flesh - Flowers of FleshThis is the debut EP from one-man sludge metal band Flowers of Flesh.

The artist behind Flowers of Flesh knows a good malevolent riff when he rips one out of someone’s spine. The EP starts with exactly one such riff, but it isn’t the only example to be found within these 24 minutes. The music is filthy blackened sludge metal that’s ugly and foul, yet contains some unexpected elements of light and feeling hidden amidst the carnage.

The tracks are belligerent and unsubtle, at least for the most part. They’d as soon as smash you in the face as look at you. The music frequently adopts a mid-paced bulldozer approach that won’t stop for anyone or anything. Faster paces also appear, with much the same unstoppable delivery.

As alluded to earlier though, this is not the only mode of delivery that the songs are capable of. For example; when melodies are used they are frequently revealed to be surprisingly bright and colourful, which is a nice juxtaposition to the majority of the music, which is pitch black and malignant. Closing track Regression is also an outlier in this regard, as it’s a more introspective and atmospheric piece that features prominent cello.

For vocals we get a blackened rasp that spits grim diatribes and venom. To my ears the singer’s voice reminds me of what the vocalist of Dark Tranquillity might sound like if he fronted a black metal band. I like it.

Flowers of Flesh is a solid EP that shows much potential. Make sure you give this a listen.

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