Razoreater – Purgatory (Review)

Razoreater - PurgatoryThis is the latest EP from UK grindcore band Razoreater.

I like grind a lot, but there has been a distinct lack of it in 2021. At least, nothing that’s really crossed my path at any rate. In fact, I haven’t reviewed a single grindcore release this year, which is a shocking state of affairs. Time to rectify that now with the latest Razoreater outing, their first since 2016’s notable Vacuum of Nihil.

Purgatory contains 12 minutes of ferocious anger and serrated violence. These songs are merciless and utterly pissed off. Razoreater are completely fed up, and these songs are their angst given brutal form.

The band’s chainsaw riffs are as lethal as ever it seems; even more so actually. Fast, furious, and crushing, each of these tracks is grindcore played right. There’s blasting speed here, but also dynamic groove and hooked riffs. Warped and tortured melody even occasionally gets a look in, such as at the end of One Last Nail or at the start of Vittu Saatana Perkele. All of the songs are devastatingly effective, and my only complaint is the two minutes of pointless noise at the end of There Is No More Hope, which unfortunately ends the EP on a low point.

Minor issues aside, this sort of violent slice of carnage is the reason I like grind so much.

Very highly recommended.

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