All Seeing Eyes – Reinventing Time (Review)

All Seeing Eyes - Reinventing TimeThis is the second album from UK progressive metal band All Seeing Eyes.

It was only very recently that I was once again listening to the very good, and very enjoyable Trinity Road, (the fact that I’m still doing so after seven years should speak well of its quality). As I was doing so, I wondered what became of All Seeing Eyes. However, before I could remember to look up what the band were up to these days, I was rather randomly and unexpectedly contacted by them with their second album, Reinventing Time. What are the odds? Anyway, despite its prodigious length, (almost 110 minutes!), Trinity Road is an album I’ve returned to a surprising amount since its release in 2014, so after seven years of waiting, I’m now ready for more.

Reinventing Time clocks in at a much more manageable 57 minutes, and contains eight tracks. It’s a treat to hear the band’s brand of heavy and power metal-influenced progressive metal once more. All Seeing Eyes have a straightforward formula; they take what they like from the old-school and the new and produce damn good music. Simple.

The songs are once again well-written and skilfully arranged. The various metallic components that have gone into making these tracks are all of high quality, and the resulting music is peppered with the sort of riffs, choruses, hooks, and solos that many bands would kill for. Each song flows with the ease of molten metal. Regardless of how fast or slow, or heavy or light the band play, everything here has a fluidity that speaks assuredly of the music’s accomplished delivery. It’s all tied together by the singer’s powerful voice, and his vocal performance is in fine form throughout the record.

The songs have depth and substance in addition to plenty of instant appeal, and Reinventing Time is a very strong, very satisfying listen.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s great to hear All Seeing Eyes once more. Reinventing Time takes everything that made Trinity Road good, and refines, condenses, and focuses it into an album that’s a joy to listen to. All Seeing Eyes are one of the best bands you have probably never heard of, so make sure you rectify that right now.

If you’re a fan of progressive/power/heavy metal, then this is an essential listen.

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