Fimir – Tomb of God (Review)

Fimir - Tomb of GodThis is the debut album from Finnish doom metal band Fimir.

Fimir play traditional doom metal with a modern edge and a somewhat cosmic feel in places.

The guitars peel off riffs left, right, and centre, and it’s clear that the band have an easy familiarity with the style. There are some decent solos here, played with feeling and skill. You can hear what the bass gets up to as well, which is always nice, and its contribution is noticeable in places. The singer has a good voice and performs his role well.

The songs are well-written and structured in a traditional way. The band know how this sort of material works, and compose their songs accordingly. Fimir are at their best when they unleash a reliable groove, especially if a there’s a solo being played on top of it.

There are some good ideas explored across the album too, such as the blackened screams that back up the main vocals on occasion, or the keyboards that sometimes appear.

Tomb of God is a solid doom metal album that fans of the style will no doubt have lots of gloomy fun with.

Check this out.

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