Lizzard – Eroded (Review)

Lizzard - ErodedThis is the fourth album from French progressive/alternative rockers Lizzard.

Eroded contains 45 minutes of contemporary rock. It’s a style that has its roots in 90s alternative rock and metal, but one that has also been updated with more modern elements from the progressive and technical genres.

Lizzard can sometimes have a technical approach which is hidden by the music’s accessible, catchy nature. This intricacy helps to fuel the band’s songwriting, allowing them to craft songs that not only benefit from instant appeal memorability, but that also show an easy familiarity with the sort of depth and longevity that makes for music that’s easy to return to and gain great satisfaction from over time.

The band frequently employ immersive melodies that sometimes power the songs, and sometimes underpin them. There are plenty of arresting riffs, dynamic grooves, and engaging rhythms in the music. The drumming is solid and well-played, adding a welcome percussive backbone that allows the rest of the music to breathe around it, while the bass plays a similar role in a more subtle way.

The vocals are clean, but not without grit and earthy power where needed. The singer handles the material with ease, and his performance is professional and passionate. He has a top class voice.

Eroded boasts a strong collection of tracks that admirably demonstrate what Lizzard are capable of. This is well-written, well-presented music that has much to offer connoisseurs of modern rock. If you’re a fan of the past greats and yearn for something newer that still carries the torch, but has its own personality, then make sure that you check out what Lizzard are up to on Eroded.

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