Decaying Days – The Unknown Beyond (Review)

Decaying Days - The Unknown BeyondThis is the second album from Decaying Days, a German death/doom metal band.

Adopting an approach that combines melodic death metal with melodic doom, the emphasis here is on melody and emotive delivery. Imagine a mix of Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, and Opeth, and you’ll be on the right lines.

The band combine a wealth of rich melodies with a heavier blend of emotive riffing and growled lead vocals. These main components are then fashioned into cohesive songs and occasionally augmented with other creative enhancements such as moments of lighter introspection, a prominent use of the drums and bass working together, or some alternate vocal styles.

Both rhythm and lead guitars are very satisfying and emotive. Some of the riffs are quite arresting, and it’s clear that Decaying Days have managed to learn from their influences without sacrificing too much at the altar of individuality.

Despite the band’s melodic leanings there’s more bite and aggression here than you might expect from something with the genre tags that The Unknown Beyond has. It may have bucketfuls of atmosphere and melancholic melodies, but it also has energetic aggression and upbeat character.

The Unknown Beyond is a collection of enjoyable songs that are well-written and worth spending some time with.

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