Countless Skies – Glow (Review)

Countless Skies - GlowThis is the second album from Countless Skies, a melodic/progressive metal band from the UK.

Glow contains 46 minutes of Scandinavian-influenced melodic death metal that has been merged with a progressive metal approach, which has resulted in a high-quality album being produced. Think of a charismatic mixture of Devin Townsend, Wilderun, Insomnium, Amorphis, Opeth, etc.

This is an album of songs that combines metallic know-how with emotive feeling. On the one hand you have thick riffs, blast beats, and deep growls, whereas on the other you have cello and piano, rich melody, and powerful clean singing. It all sounds pretty massive and epic, to be honest. Countless Skies are a talented bunch in all regards, and this album steps forth into the light with every confidence. As it should.

The songs are packed with bright melodies, expressive keyboards, and layered harmonies, making for a listening experience that’s patterned with all manner of uplifting and soaring colours. It’s a warm and welcoming album, and although there is a certain amount of aggressive bite here, Countless Skies are not a band you’d put on if you’re in the mood for something brutal or especially heavy. No, this is for times when you want to bask in the glow of red-hot solos, stirring melodies, and heart-warming singing.

With songs that are well-written and flawlessly performed, Glow is an extremely strong album that’s likely to earn them much praise.

Very highly recommended.

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