Dratna – Druid Winds & the Fall of the Celtic Gods (Review)

Dratna - Druid Winds & The Fall of the Celtic GodsThis is the latest EP from UK one-man black metal band Dratna.

This EP contains 24 minutes of atmospheric black metal. The style reminds me of the late 90s/early 00s quite strongly, but has enough of its own personality to justify its own existence. If you imagine a mix of bands such as Windir and Vinterriket, then you’ll be on the right lines.

The music is melodic and drips with atmospheric mood. These melodies help to create feeling and texture, while also being used on occasion to branch out into quite catchy leads. In fact, there are quite a few pretty memorable moments that appear here and there, with more than a few straying into the realms of pure catchiness. These usually revolve around a particular lead melody or vocal pattern, (some of the vocal rhythms and patterns are quite inventive on this release). More aggressive riffs are also used, adding a harsher edge, while still keeping things atmospheric overall.

The artist behind Dratna clearly knows how to construct engaging music of this sort, and keeps things interesting by including a few different aspects of musical exploration throughout the release’s playing time. Regardless of what is the focal point of any given section, it shows the superior nature of the material on Druid Winds & the Fall of the Celtic Gods.

Well-recorded, written, and executed, Druid Winds & the Fall of the Celtic Gods is a strong EP from an artist that seems to be only improving over time.

Very highly recommended for fans of atmospheric darkness.

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