Rites of Daath – Doom Spirit Emanation (Review)

Rites of Daath - Doom Spirit EmanationRites of Daath are a death metal band from Poland and this is their debut album.

Rites of Daath play morbid, filthy death metal crossed with atmospheric death/doom, resulting in a hideous monstrosity of blackened horror that makes for quite an impressive and immersive 38 minutes.

The songs are ominous and dark. It’s cavernous old-school death metal that’s been beefed up with some grim blackened doom enhancements that really suit the band’s style. The ghoulish atmospheres are tempered with death metal barbarity, merging to create a macabre brutality. In places the music veers more to the more aggressive side, while in others it’s more atmospheric. Frequently it’s both, with foul, grisly heaviness providing grotesque atmosphere while it also crushes you flat. Always it’s mood-oriented; there are some riffs that grab you by the neck, but mostly it’s the full tsunami of all of the instruments together that combine to sweep you away in a tide of malignant darkness.

I really like the singer’s gruesome growls. These seem to come straight out of the bowels of the underworld. I also really like that these are occasionally aided by shouted backing vocals that add unexpected feeling to the vocal delivery; these are not overused, so when they appear they are very effective. Other vocalisations are also used here and there, wailing and howling with the torment of the damned.

Doom Spirit Emanation is a strong album. Steeped in blackness and grim atmosphere, it contains mood-based songs that are easy to fall into and get carried away by.

Very highly recommended.

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