Wasteland Coven – Ruined (Review)

Wasteland Coven - RuinedWasteland Coven are a doom metal band from the US and this is their debut EP.

Here we have 23 minutes of old-school doom metal, played with skill and passion. The music has a modern veneer that’s the band’s own take on the old-school formula, but its roots are clear enough.

Wasteland Coven’s doom is powered by heavy riffs and crowned with well-delivered vocals. The singer is clearly a good fit for the band, and her vocals are powerful and emotive.

Alongside the heavy riffs and rumbling rhythms sits a rich, dark atmosphere. The songs are well-composed, adhering to the classic doom metal template, but still allowing the band to inject their own personality into the mould. The music has more to it than just heaviness, with the band being quite expressive in their choice of texture on occasion.

Wasteland Coven have created a bold collection of tracks that may look to the past, but are ripe for development and exploration into the future.

Ones to watch. Check this out.

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