Abysmal Dawn – Phylogenesis (Review)

Abysmal Dawn - PhylogenesisThis is the fifth album from US death metallers Abysmal Dawn.

It’s been along time since 2014’s Obsolescence, but the band have now returned with a new drummer and guitarist to lay waste with 43 minutes of new material and a Death cover.

Phylogenesis mixes old-school songcraft with new-school melody and atmosphere, making for a solid example of the modern death metal style. The band’s blend of heavy aggression and song-based hooks, combined with atmospheric melody is a convincing one. Their performance is tight and precise, and they’re more than capable enough to deliver technical treats alongside more direct grooving brutality.

Constructed from furious blast beats played with technical flair, weighty metallic groove that worms into your head, and the occasional crushing breakdown, the music is well-written and effectively realised. The album definitely grows over time too; it hits hard on first listen, but has enough longevity and depth of songwriting to insist on repeated visits, and rewards when you do.

Abysmal Dawn’s return is to be welcomed, as Phylogenesis is a strong and easily enjoyable album. Highly recommended for fans of modern heaviness.

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