Abysmal Dawn – Obsolescence (Review)

Abysmal DawnAbysmal Dawn are a Death Metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

No pointless intros, no messing around; Abysmal Dawn launch straight into first song Human Obsolescence with speed and bite.

Theirs is a focused assault on the senses. Their Death Metal has been honed to a sharp point over the last few albums and the band now find themselves with the perfect arsenal of weapons with which to wage war on their enemies.

The songs here are exact and tight, with melodic flourishes sharing space with heavier rhythms. Solos and leads are played with a fluid intensity whilst the roiling maelstrom of dark riffs pulse underneath the battering drums.

As can be expected of a band like this, the musicianship is excellent. Indeed, the playing on this album is a pure pleasure to listen to. Importantly though the performers allow the music to form into actual songs rather than disappearing into a technical mess for no reason other than to be able to say “look what we can play”, which is what some bands can unfortunately suffer from.

This is an excellent example of a band who are able to sound modern and cutting edge without any -core trappings or any of the more novelty features that such a band might include in their sound. This is solid, consistent Death Metal that lays waste to all around it.

This has enough brutality to satisfy fans of pure aggression but is refined enough for those that like a bit more substance with their carnage.

Obsolescence is a very strong album indeed. Check it out and get ready for your upgrade.

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