Voidfire – Ogień Pustki (Review)

Voidfire - Ogień PustkiVoidfire are a black metal band from Poland and this is their debut album.

Voidfire play melodic black metal, doing so in an endearing and infectious way. This is music that has a heart of darkness, rather than a shiny, upbeat one. Some melodic metal is so smothered in ostentatious bright leads it can be off-putting, but not Voidfire; this is a darker, colder beast.

Ogień Pustki is rooted in a melodic version of the classic style, but then updated with a more modern feel. The songs are well-written and delivered with skill. Apart from the obvious speed you would expect of a release like this, the band also use various other paces across the album, including exploring different dynamics, textures, and light and shade. This helps the music to avoid becoming too repetitive or one-dimensional, and instead the songs each develop their own personalities and quirks.

The music is adept at striking a good balance between cold blackened aggression and warmer melody. In addition to this, Voidfire also know how to build and sustain atmosphere when they need to. These atmospheric components are strewn throughout the album, but have an increased presence in its latter portions.

Ogień Pustki is an enjoyable release from a band with much promise. Voidfire are ones to watch.

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