God’s Bastard – Last Standing Village (Review)

God's Bastard - Last Standing VillageGod’s Bastard are a black metal band from the US and this is their debut EP.

Whatever happened to Floods, I hear you ask? Well, the answer, partly at least, is that their former guitarist/vocalist ended up joining forces with the drummer of Krallice/Woe to produce this rather fine new project.

Due to who the creators of this music are, I expected to like it, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is modern black metal played with intensity, melody, and skill. This is a textured, psychedelic release that plays with compositional style as if it were divining futures in scattered entrails.

Each of these three tracks has something of its own to offer; a different character and personality to explore. Chaos Apologist is the most energetic, and sparkles with a lively effervescence that makes you think it will tear itself apart at any moment. God Raise the Sea is darker and more grimly atmospheric, leading you on a journey into expressive misery with chaotic interludes. The final track – To the Last Standing Village – is probably the most melodically psychedelic, and deals in both intensity and mood as if they were things to be tamed and bound, albeit loosely.

As for the vocals? Well, these are diverse, multifaceted, and delivered with emotion and passion. I swear there’s about five singers on every song, although in reality there seems to be just the one. A very talented one.

Well, this is an incredibly impressive release. Let’s hope this group make it to a full length album album at some point, as Last Standing Village is the kind of high quality release that doesn’t come along regularly.

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