Voëmmr – O Ovnh Intot Adr Mordrb (Review)

Voemmr - O ovnh intot adr mordrbVoëmmr are a black metal band from Portugal and this is their second album.

This is raw, underground black metal that’s rooted firmly in the 1990s, but that hasn’t gone down a copycat route. Dark and aggressive, but also expressive and emotive, this is music to get lost in a violent trance too.

Within the raw black metal aesthetic Voëmmr have managed to carve an identity for themselves quite easily. This is a mixture of raw, hateful black metal that spits venom and vitriol, mixed with an atmospheric element that allows the songs to have greater emotional range than simply rage or anger. Add to this some utterly deranged vocals that howl and shriek their way through the playing time and you have a record that makes an impression.

This album is definitely a grower. Although it’s likely to impress upon first listen, (if you’re inclined towards this sort of black metal, of course), it’s on repeat spins that the black magic that the band commands really starts to take root in your brain, scarring and tearing through flesh with relish. The foul, spiked guitars certainly draw you in, but it’s the omnipresent synths that really propel this release up to an entirely other level. The creepy moods and grim atmospheres created on these songs are almost tangible, and quite terrifying.

Although certainly not for everyone, (or indeed most people), O Ovnh Intot Adr Mordrb contains many dark delights suitable for connoisseurs of the blackened arts. A recommended listen.

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