Theories – Vessel (Review)

Theories - VesselTheories are a US deathgrind band and this is their second album.

Theories play an intense and punishing blend of death metal and grindcore.

The band’s music is feral and ferocious, taking a high-energy approach from its grindcore background and pumping out song after song of adrenaline-charged savagery. The death metal aspects of the band’s sound help shape this into coherent songs and permit for the inclusion of the occasional melody, (however brief). The end result of this genre-splicing is a riotous storm of riffs and growls, effectively allowing two types of brutality to coexist and mutually support each other.

Theories vomit forth a mix of different speeds and belligerent moods across the songs, showing quite ably that this sort of bludgeoning extremity doesn’t have to be a one-dimensional affair. These songs tear through the playing time in a well-written, well-recorded storm of blows and beatings.

There’s plenty of enjoyable content for deathgrind fans to lap up here, and Vessel is a satisfying and solid slab of gnarled heaviness.

A recommended listen.

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