Pestilent Death – Chapters of Depravity (Review)

Pestilent Death - Chapters of DepravityThis is the second album from US death metallers Pestilent Death.

Chapters of Depravity provides us with eight putrid tracks of underground death metal spread out over a festering 32 minutes.

This is death metal that’s filthy and brutal. The band seem to crawl out of some dank, dark sewer, cause utter mayhem, carnage, and destruction, and then fade away into the dirty underground shadows once more until they’re ready to strike again.

I like very much what this band do on Chapters of Depravity. They mix crushing mid-paced chugging groove and lashings of virulent speed with the occasional bout of lumbering zombie-like slowness. The end result is songs that are simple and effective, taking strength from old-school death metal and turning these strengths into rusty, damaging weapons.

Across these eight tracks the band ably demonstrate that they’re a skilled bunch when it comes to this sort of foul death metal. Each song has its own personality distinct from the others, and after a couple of spins if you dropped into the album at any point it’s quite easy to orient yourself quite quickly.

Chapters of Depravity is very enjoyable indeed. Highly recommended.

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