Oozing Wound – High Anxiety (Review)

Oozing Wound - High AnxietyThis is the fourth album from US crossover punk/thrashers Oozing Wound.

On High Anxiety Oozing Wound fuse thrash and punk with some occasional elements of sludge and noise rock into 34 minutes of mayhem and infectious guitars.

There’s a ferocious energy here that could almost descend into chaos were it not harnessed so well. Bands playing energetic punk/thrash are common, of course, but what’s less common is a band who do this without any of the crap, and with a few extra elements included to really bring their music up to the next level.

As well as strong compositions in general, High Anxiety occasionally has a complexity of songwriting and performance that you normally wouldn’t necessarily associate with something like this. This includes progressive elements and additional sounds/instrumentation such as synths, saxophone, and flute. These are used subtly and tastefully, enhancing the core thrashy aggression of the music with extra layers of depth.

This latter point is important; normally anything that could potentially be labelled crossover, or a mix of punk and thrash, would leave me cold. It generally isn’t done that effectively and tends to wallow in humour and nonsense too much. Oozing Wound appear to be different, however. Not only do they mix punk and thrash, (and others), very well, but they have that additional depth and substance that a record like this sorely needs. As such, I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would, and I unhesitatingly recommend this for your listening pleasure.

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