Aver – Orbis Majora (Review)

Aver - Orbis MajoraThis is the second album from Aver, a progressive stoner rock band from Australia.

Aver play sprawling, spacefaring music that combines stoner and psychedelic influences into a progressive framework. The end result is 51 minutes of material divided into just 5 tracks.

These songs take stoner groove, psychedelic exploration, and technical know-how, and mix them all together into lengthy songs that are textured and multifaceted. The music has a grunge feeling in places too, especially when the vocals are used.

Orbis Majora is confident and mature, and very well-delivered. It’s an album of rich soundscapes, an album that reaches great exploratory heights, while still remembering that it can also be quite important to get your hands dirty from time to time. Across light and shade, highs and lows, Aver ably steer the music in worthy directions and with a firm eye on quality for the bulk of the material.

There’s an experimental streak apparent in some of the material on this album, almost as if the band were jamming and unsure of where they were going. Thankfully, this approach scores them more hits than misses, but is perhaps something to tighten up on in the future.

Minor quibbles aside, Orbis Majora is a strong and enjoyable album. The mix of progressive, stoner, psychedelic, and grunge works very well, and Aver clearly know what they’re doing.

A recommended listen.

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