Dead Retinas – Divine (Review)

Dead Retinas - DivineDead Retinas are a hardcore band from the UK and this is their latest EP.

Here we have 10 minutes of energetic and charismatic hardcore. This is sharp, scathing music that knows a good riff when it sees it and is backed up by punishing beats and a sense of songwriting that’s compelling and moreish.

Dead Retinas are well-versed in providing the listener with violent hardcore songs that grab you by the neck and shake you until you’re done. With a good combination of dynamics, energy, strong structuring, and infectious rhythms, these three songs are each extremely enjoyable.

The band are blessed with a singer who does his job extremely well, with a voice that sounds full of aggressive personality and playfully malevolent charm.

Dead Retinas remind me somewhat of what Every Time I Die might sound like if they were less quirky and had a straighter punk delivery. Sort of. At any rate, Divine rocks in all of the right ways. Catchy and memorable, but sometimes in insidious ways, this is music that I could listen to a whole lot more of than just these three tracks. Yes, bring on an album of this stuff.

Highly impressive. Make sure you give this a spin.

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